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Office Hours
By appointment only for Spring 2017. Please email for general questions.
Open Studio Hours
The Craft Studio is only available during posted workshop times. There are no “Open Studio” hours for Spring 2017.
Workshop Hours
Workshops are held at various times. Check the workshop calendar for specific times.


11B Gentry Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
Use the door on the Hitt Street side of the building and go downstairs. If you get to the bottom and the room isn’t teal, you’re in the wrong place. The Craft Studio office is between two classrooms (Gentry 11 & 12) and has a sign on it that reads “Craft Studio Office.” If you get lost give us a call; we can give you better directions over the phone.
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Graduate Assistant
Hemanth Modadugu

Mission Statement

The Craft Studio’s mission is to create opportunities for MU students and community members to explore arts and crafts in a casual and recreational environment. Craft Studio classes are offered for a variety of skill levels ranging from the novice explorer to the seasoned craftsman. Our studio space is available for people of all abilities to explore art and engage in self-discovery. We maintain a gallery to showcase the work of local artisans as well as providing new artists with their first exhibition opportunities. The ultimate goal of the Craft Studio is to help people overcome their fears about art and discover their inner creativity.


I heard the Craft Studio is closing. Is that true?
Do I have to register in advance for workshops?
What supplies do I need for my class/workshop?
Can I come to a workshop if I did not register in advance?
Do I have to be a student to take a workshop?
Do you sell terracotta clay?