Women in the Arts 2016

Square, graphic design of the state of Missouri in teal, on a teal background with gray waves. Text on the image reads "Women in the Arts Gallery Show".

Monday, February 29th – Friday, March 25th

Reception: Thursday, March 3rd, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The 23rd annual Women in the Arts show highlights talented women artists. In conjunction with Women’s History Month at the University of Missouri, the Craft Studio presents this exhibit as a tribute to women, past, present, and future whose artistic creations are often overlooked and forgotten.

Juror: Hannah Reeves is a Missouri native, artist, professor, and gallery director. She earned her BFA in 2005 and MFA in 2008 from the University of Missouri- Columbia, with emphases on Fibers, Sculpture, and Drawing. She currently teaches at MU and Missouri Valley College and directs the George Caleb Bingham Gallery at the MU Department of Art. At MU, she also co-chairs Artifact (the association of campus galleries and museums), sits on the planning committee for the Visual Art & Design Showcase, an advises Undergraduate Research scholars. Reeves works in a variety of artistic media and methods; her current work deals with memory and record-keeping.

Juror’s Statement

“Even if you don’t seek to defy every social norm so that you may pioneer a new school of art and become a personal icon to millions of women and aspiring painters everywhere…please nonetheless consider abandoning the pursuit of robo-beauty in favor of accepting – and even celebrating – a few flaws.”

Karen Karbo, from How Georgia Became O’Keeffe: Lessons on the Art of Living

                Why, after decades of feminist effort and push for equality of opportunity, should we self-segregate our gender for an exhibition such as this one? The short answer, I believe, is that the female voice is not equally heard elsewhere.

                The environment we’ve created within this exhibition is a metaphorical space where female is normal.  Outside of this room, the default viewpoint is male, whether our actual male peers and colleagues intend this themselves or not.  So, while some among the general population may try to encourage the discussion of the female experience, even that effort takes for granted that women’s stories/ artwork/priorities are different from the norm, in need of justification, and calling for extra scrutiny.  Our knowledge of others’ judgment of our choices, both personal and artistic, changes the way we present ourselves.  Our voices are modulated, altered, and quieted – by others who misunderstand, and by ourselves, in an adaptive or protective effort.

                Because, within this gallery at this moment, all artists are women, the female experience is the human experience.  Motherhood and childlessness, sexuality and innocence, functional design and creative expression, wanderlust and rootedness – all are of equal standing and are equally female here.

                The artists of this exhibition have, like all good artists, made what they know. Their experiences, methods, and styles are diverse and lovely. Georgia O’Keeffe wrote, “I find that I have painted my life, things happening in my life – without knowing it.” I am encouraged and impressed that the women showing work here have dealt boldly with the imagery of their lives.  To you, and every woman who submitted work for Women in the Arts: You are heard.  Thank you for the opportunity to view your work and create this space, where you are fully, individually, and importantly human.

-Hannah Reeves

Congratulations to this year’s selected artists:

Hannah Arslanian

Jessica Bremehr

Valerie Deveraux

Lisa Franco

Sarah Goodnow Riley-Land

Jennifer Halli

Kaitlin Hermann

Carina Jimenez

Hae-jung Larsen

Sheri Parker

Nicole Pratte

Shirin Rastin

Kest Schwartzman

Suzanna Scott

Rhonda Thomas-Urdang

Sabrina Tinsley